ElmCreek Partners

ElmCreek Partners is a Dallas-based private investment firm. Founded in 2007, ElmCreek Partners seeks to make control equity investments in lower-middle market companies.

ElmCreek Partners' Story

In general, the firm is seeking platforms that have the following characteristics:

-Revenue: $10-$50 million
-EBITDA: $2-$8 million
-Location: Primarily Texas and surrounding states, with reach across the southern and upper midwest regions.

ElmCreek's success hinges on partnering with Talented Entrepreneurs, with insights into Niche Opportunities in Evolving End Markets.

Talented Entrepreneurs: individuals and teams with a unique skill set, depth of experience and track record of success that bring a strong conviction about an opportunity or market and desire to have meaningful ownership.

Niche Opportunities: platforms with either an innovative product, service or approach to a market or a unique position within a market and the ability to outmaneuver larger participants or maintain a protected market position.

Evolving End Markets: Markets where favorable industry dynamics exist or the industry is undergoing a structural change.

ElmCreek Partners focuses most of its time on the following segments

Niche Manufacturing | Aerospace & Defense, Paper & Packaging, Other Engineering-led Manufacturers. In particular, anything that capitalizes on the growth of Texas.

Healthcare Services | Retail-oriented Services, Behavioral & Addiction, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, Veterinary, Dental, and other Ancillary Services.

Transaction Processing | Non-bank Financial, Healthcare

Business & Industrial Services | Testing & Monitoring, Maintenance